cropped-simone1.jpgSarah’s rat

…named for the famous author Simone de Beauvoir, and born in a thunderstorm in France, she had to learn early to cope with the afflictions of expulsion and bereavement. After a breif and happy childhood, she was forced to flee the firm hand of the local goverment and made a refugee. Subjected to intolerable suffering by her murine peers she adopted a nomadic lifestyle.
In April 2017 Simone and Sarah were reunited, and work inevitably began on several art projects. In April 2018 Simone passed away due cancer.

Simone had an extraordinary and uncommon passion for Free Jazz, escpecially Pharoah Sanders.


sarahmitmann was born in 1996. After a mere few months in her mortal coil, pope John Paul II was forced to admit that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is a bit more than a hypothesis. Then adding insult to injury, Arthur C. Doyle declared the end of art.
Branded by these traumatic experiences, she decided to face up to her trauma by looking at art and forcing her rat to look at art.

„My idea is that the aesthetic reception of an artist, who becomes a viewer theselves, turns into an artwork itself. It makes the artist understand what a random viewer has to experience when they go to an exposition. The extraordinary point of view on creativity derived from a different species, one as developed in evolutionary terms as humanity itself, allows us humans to take a step back and consider the implications of our culture in a different light.“

As a future project, she imagines publishing photographs of herself or other artists looking at photographs of her rat looking at art.